Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Hey everyone and thanks for coming back to my blog. In this post I want to talk a bit about reading your opponents. In poker their is so much to take in that I feel people lose sight of any tales your opponents might give and of all the things to count to figure out how to play your hand I feel reading your opponent is the most important. With so many people playing online where no one can see your physical tales they don't think of trying to hide them so when these online players come to play poker at any card room around the world they give so many tales that anyone half way good at reading a player will be able to figure out their hands and adjust to it to make the right call or fold, then later those online players wonder why they lost all their money or why that guy in the 3 seat called with 8 6 off suit and took all his money. I'm sure some of you are thinking no one should be playing 8 6 off, 9 5 or whatever other bad hand you can think off but if you can read your opponents hand and you figured that player has Jack 10 suited and the flop comes out 6 6 4 or whatever other bad flop then you know that people has nothing and you can get that player off the hand or try to trap them. It also goes the other way where if you know they have that Jack 10 suited and the flop comes out 7 8 9 you know to lay it down when that player tries to get any more money from you. Everyone gives out some tales and it's up to you to figure them out to make the best plays. Alright for now I will leave the rest of this open for you to think about and in a later post I will say more about reading opponents till then let me again thank you for reading my blog and remember to tip your dealers.

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